A nonprofit, community development corporation dedicated to improving Calumet Region neighborhoods.


Executive Director Keith Speaks, right, shakes
the hand of Johnny Young, whose volunteer
service beautified Gary's Rees Park.

NI is committed to its unique mission, but we cannot do it alone. NI is always looking for volunteers to lend a helping hand with projects in different communities. In the past volunteers have contributed thousands of hours to improve and enhance our communities. NI encourages volunteers, including students, retirees, and residents to donate their time, effort and skills to assist NI in making the Calumet Region a better place to work and live in.

Volunteers have assisted in the following:
• Preparation of announcement mailings
• Distribution of flyers
• Phone calls
• Staffing at various community events
• Neighborhood surveys
• Database updating
• Research beautification projects
• Fundraising
• Mass mailings
• Community paint and clean-up projects
• Community events and program celebrations
• Clerical
• Neighborhoods Inc. building maintenance

***NI is currently looking for volunteers to help out with the clean up in Gary. Please fill out the form below or call Lucy at 218.844.1876 if you are interested in lending a hand.

If you would be interested in helping Neighborhoods Inc., please fill out the form below.